Thursday, February 2, 2017

I've gone Vegan! Will it cure my chronic illness though?

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And I'm dying here. 

Like you don't understand. 

Everywhere you look, there's good food. On TV. On the internet. In my fridge. 

And I'm here eating my F#@%ing chia salad....

This is actually me right now.

But yeah... Why? An old, good friend came over recently, and convinced to try it out. Apparently, it's good for my gut health. Which translates to good health overall. And I mean the scientific merit, and decent evidence, of it being healthy is definitely there. Are his claims of it reducing general inflammation, and hence helping combat my overall disease process true though? Only one way to find out... With the liver condition I have that's inflating my cholesterol, it definitely can't hurt.

But it really really does, on an emotional level. Plus, I'm on that chemo drug now. I can't really afford to lose weight right now... And my protein intake is severely diminished. That may well make my cramping worse, and inflate the issue that is my gradual muscle wasting.

Only time will tell if it was worth it.

But I mean though I like to get frustrated, at him, at my parents who continually push me to try these things, and at the world in general (I mean, oh my god, do you HAVE to have a KFC ad run every time someone scores in a game of cricket???), in the end, I know this is the right choice.

As I said, it can definitely help my heart. Who knows, it may well help my condition. And the past few years, I knew that it was morally wrong to eat meat too (on multiple levels - it's bad for the environment too). I know I'm gonna eat it less even after this diet is over. Except for fish. Those things are ugly (I am luckily still allowed that in this prescribed diet - so it's not ENTIRELY vegan).

But still, when I see this pop up on my Facebook news feed, every single day; somehow, just when I'm hungriest too (this Facebook ad targeting is getting really creepy now)... I die a little inside.

Lone star Ribs... I'll see you in... 45 days, 6 hours and 42 minutes (to see the update in real time, click here. I know I will =( )

Is it really hard though? At times, yeah, it is. But like any diet, like anything in life, after the first few days, it really just becomes a habit. The hardest thing is the hunger. I don't know if it's just me, with all my cramping/muscle damage chewing up protein like anything, making me require more protein than the normal guy, or just the lack of protein in the diet that's causing it. 

I remember, and remind myself why I'm doing this. 
Instead of lamenting the meat I'm missing, I'm enjoying the feeling of knowing I'm eating healthy, and the benefits that comes along with that (my toilet trips will improve drastically soon, I'm told). 
And you don't have to go on these drastic diets either (I'm just doing this as a trial for good health here!) 

Good health to you all! And if you ever wanna talk - about anything - you can hit me up here;

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