Tuesday, December 17, 2013

To the most amazing people I know, Thanks.

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One person my father got a lot of strength from when I was diagnosed with cancer was my brother. 

His reaction to the news that I had a tiny chance of surviving, hinged on a risky procedure which couldn't even guarantee a better outcome, yet alone success, was immediate. And gave him, and me, the hope we needed to carry on. 

Instead of breaking down, or crying, like my parents and I had done, he immediately asked, 
"So what can I do? He can take my marrow if he needs it."

Immediately. Without even knowing what that meant for him. 

Not only was he looking toward the future and reminding my father that a small chance is still just that - a chance - he was willing to do his all to make sure I made it, no matter what the cost. 

I'm blessed to have such an amazing brother.

Now imagine a complete stranger willing to do that for you.

Well... I've been blessed with that too.

And not only once - but twice. 

To be fair to my brother, I guess my donors knew what they were getting into. That it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounded. A bone marrow transplant often (in over 90% of cases) doesn't even involve the bone marrow for the donor - the process is not too dissimilar to giving blood actually. 

And joining the bone marrow donor registry - which is how you can potentially become a donor - is even easier. All they need is a sample of your DNA, in the form of a cheek swab or a blood test. 

So join a bone marrow donor registry today. 
In my eyes, you'll be just as amazing as my brother:

In Australia, joining the ABMDR requires a blood donation (which is actually a free health checkup, and can earn you money, click here for more info) and the signing of an extra form.
book a blood donation appointment here: https://www.donateblood.com.au/ready-to-donate/make-appointment

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