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Why Anti-Vaccination Campaigns And Organisations ARE A FRAUD.

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Anti-vaccination groups have pushed a scare campaign on the public for years now, claiming that vaccines harm, not help kids.

I was astounded to learn that the whole thing that started this whole scare campaign was a fraud. It's in this video. Have a look. 

To put it simply, this whole idea that vaccinations are bad started in 1998, after a paper released on 8 kids that developed autism after having the measles vaccination. But the fact was, that 8/12 of those kids had another disease at the time.

In truth, after multiple studies, ranging from 5,000 to as many as 5 MILLION kids - no link could between the two could be found, and later on it was discovered that the article all this fuss was based upon was based on completely falsified data... those 12 kids were HIRED by an ANTI-VACCINATION GROUP and NONE OF THEM, yet alone 8/12, EVEN HAD AUTISM.

Of those who wrote the original article, 11/12 have retracted their statement - which never happens in medical articles before. Only 1, the person who wrote the initial article, a person who makes millions off this campaign, a person who had his medical licence revoked prior to this article being written, still backs his claim.

At the time of publishing this paper, which has been confirmed to be fraudulent, Wakefield himself submitted a business prospectus for a new autism testing kit (of a strain of autism that he actually created) which he proposed would earn him $44 million A YEAR!

It's stupid.
But the idea of not vaccinating still goes strong.
And it's already killed millions. 

Prior to that vaccinations were seen as a godsend. Probably because before that we actually had children dying in large numbers in front of us, unlike the thousands who die every year without having an organisation that makes MILLIONS in donations behind them, due to their kids, or other kids, NOT BEING VACCINATED.

The question comes to mind.
Why do people not know this information??

Well it's either: 

1) Anti-vac campaigns and groups, though they may have arisen from actual concern, are now powerful. They keep providing funding to enhance their agenda, making people think those who support them are doing good, when in truth they're unknowingly being led by people who know this information to KILL thousands of dollars a year. 
Now they, either by accident or, more likely, purposefully, have created a whole conspiracy theory around the idea that the government is trying to cover something up or make people sick on purpose. They invest millions into this and are probably making millions off it too... while 30,000 adults in America, a developed nation, die of diseases that would never had affected them had they been vaccinated.


2) There is not enough conversation between scientists and laymen about why things are necessary and what different studies mean (or the studies don't get publicised enough) because doctors/scientists don't communicate well enough with the wider public and the public can't get access of easy to process information.

Likely, it's a combination of both.

The question now becomes:
How do we fix it?

Well, to stop the anti-vac campaigns, we need to raise awareness. 
Make videos like this, blog posts like mine that expose these campaigns as the frauds they are go viral to the people who don't know better and the people who question the necessity.

To do this, we need to EDUCATE PEOPLE on why vaccinations are necessary. What the REAL side effects and chances of those happening are.
And we have to communicate this information to the public, with as little jargon as possible, at levels that ANYONE WHO CAN READ CAN UNDERSTAND.

Vaccinations are why we, in the developed world, don't have to worry about diseases like polio, smallpox and measles. 2 of those 3 still plague the developing world, by the way, and kill MILLIONS of people, a lot of them kids, every year. 
To make sure they're effective, a certain percentage of the entire population needs to be vaccinated. This level, which we call "herd immunity" will ensure that the population can't spread the disease that's being vaccinated against easily. The number varies among different diseases depending on how easily it spreads and other factors, but for the flu vaccine in Australia this year, that number was 95%.

And if you're skeptical about the effectiveness of these programs, a few of these stats should indicate how important they are. 

Reduction in vaccine preventable diseases after 5 years of vaccination in Croatia:
Bernard Keich, "Impact of Vaccination on Vaccine Preventable Disease in Croatia", Periodicum Biologorum Vol 114, No 2, 141 - 147

So they are necessary. And you can see from that video and my data above, they DON'T cause autism, like some groups would have you believe. 
They do have side effects in some patients (less than 1%), but most of them are minor, and they save more than they harm. 

Without them, we'd still have millions of people, most of them KIDS dying every year.
Millions of kids die every year in the developing world from diseases that could have been vaccinated against. 
We are privileged to not have our kids torn away from us. 

But this may soon be changing... with incidences occuring more and more in developed countries due to the influences of the Anti-Vac movement. 
You and I can stop this trend where it stands.

If We Vaccinate Our Kids. 

You can do your part by sharing that video, or this blog post with those less aware than you so that you can save your kids' lives, as well as THEIR KIDS' LIVES.

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An addition to the original post - A guide to educating those who think vaccinating isn't safe:

One question to pose to all anti-vaccers next time you debate them - what's the harm of vaccinating? The only evidence of it having some conceivable harm was the fraudulent Wakefield studies shown above. No heavy metals are added to vaccines any more by law, indeed, they never exceeded the amount you get in a serve of tuna.

Common Arguments They Make. Why they're wrong:

They often argue "It's good to have some diseases early in life!" - remind them that a vaccine works on that same principle. Except instead of giving you one that can leave you sterile, brain damaged or dead, it gives you a weaker/dead version of the disease so that your immune system is prepped for later encounters with disease. 

"They don't work in all people!" That's true - they don't always cause the intended effect, and vaccinated people can still get sick. However, if enough people in a population are vaccinated (and evenly so) the disease can't spread in the first place, so everyone's gotta do it for it to be effective. Many people (pregnant ladies and immunocompromised people for eg) can't get them - so you're protecting not only yourself and your kids, but also them. That's the concept of herd immunity!

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