Friday, April 10, 2015

DOES an Apple a day keep the Doctor away? We Finally Have An Answer... Humour In Hospital #9

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I came across this very interesting study today that attempted to find if there was any truth to the widely held conviction that "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

"It was found that " 
Apple eaters were more likely, in the crude analysis, to keep the doctor (and prescription medications) away: 39.0% of apple eaters avoided physician visits vs 33.9% of non-apple eaters (P = .03). After adjusting for sociodemographic and health-related characteristics, however, the association was no longer statistically significant (OR, 1.19; 95% CI, 0.93-1.53; P = .15)." "

Meaning that though apple eaters DID ACTUALLY VISIT THE DOCTOR LESS, when accounting for factors like smoking rates, socio-economic status and other medical issues, the rates of doctor visits of apple-eaters and non apple-eaters were similar. 

So though this myth may seem true... it's not the actual apple causing the good health...  

Holy Crap! 
Revolutionary stuff!

For years doctors have been prescribing apples needlessly (a few unscrupulous ones have been trying to undermine the apple industry, fearing they'd lose patients)! NOW WE KNOW THE TRUTH!

No more nightmares... it was all a lie.

I love how this was deemed important enough a question to answer that it somehow gained funding, passed ethics and made its way into a nearly 9,000 participant survey. Whoever actually thought, "Let's apply for a grant for this," Good on you. You Succeeded. 
And it was brilliant

You hang that baby in your office, you post it on department's Notice-Board, you write that in bold on your CV, with pride my friend. 
You deserve it. 

God I love the app I found this off... QX Read keeps me updated on the latest, most critical and most cited studies coming out around the world in the field I'm interested in. You can choose to be updated on whatever field you work, or are interested in, which journals you wanna see them on and how frequently you want updates too.  
It allows doctors, specialists, and med students like me to actually keep up with literature, which, in a world which has over 26,000 journals and publishes over 1.3 million articles a year (this was in 2006 by the way, before the Chinese, who publish over 1,000 a day now, and other developing nations stepped their game up), is nearly impossible right now.

And it also shows you the most popular articles too, which, apart from keeping us in the loop of breakthroughs and epidemics, also give us the occasional laugh like this article here.

If you're a doctor, nurse, or med student - get it now, for free, on any device's app store.  It'll not only make you a better, more up to date practitioner, but give you a few nerdy laughs too.

Qx also has other apps which make practicing (for doctors and nurses), and learning (for med/nursing students) easier. 
QxCalculate allows you to input a patient's clinical information and suggests diagnoses and management options.
QxECG shows typical ECG patterns that can help decipher those tricky things, both in a crisis, and for learning too!
And Qx's Pedi-Stat gives guidance to practitioners on tricky pediatric patients in emergency and critical care situations. 

All of these are free! So why not get em if you have a smart phone?! 
More info here:

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  1. I do support that an apple a day keep doctor away. why we say like that, because apple can offer us some nutrition according to the nutritional analysis.


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